Friday, December 21, 2007

Here is a story of Innovation, I lost my bottom front tooth trying to open a zip ((Long Story) and had it in my wallet for two days, I was walking about like gummy bear for two days wincing at every breath, I was sitting in emergency dental rooms for hours on end only to be told 'nothing we can do as labs are closed for Xmas'. In pain and desperation I talked to my sister who has perfect teeth and stringently looks after them! She recommended I go and see Dr Martin Macallister of Cavehill Dental Care in North Belfast. This was truly the best trip to the dentists I had ever had, Dr Martin asked me if I had my tooth and I produced the mangy blackened stalagmite from my wallet, what he did next was amazing! he cut the root off and polished up the offending fang, he then cemented the now gleaming white tooth into place and bridged it with my two remaining front fangs. He did this as efficiently, and pain free as possible and it was all over in twenty minutes. This is what true Northern Ireland professionalism is about, when no-one else was prepared to do anything, along comes someone who cared enough about his profession and had the confidence to go for it! although it is only a temporary fix, what matters is that Dr Macallister was concerned enough to try, something, anything to ease the discomfort.
Thanks to Cavehill Dental care I am now able to enjoy Christmas and am not afraid to smile.

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