Monday, January 07, 2008

Gasta social bookmarking and power linking tools

Gasta search networks is launching social bookmarking and power linking tools at the end on January 2008, This is concurrent with Gasta’s new web.20 development that will enable users to bookmark and recommend other web users videos, images, and news articles. This is a great set of tools for participation marketers and social power linking groups and individuals, simple to use and easy to join has worked hard to invigorate search with new methods of delivery and a slick service. Although smaller than the major players in search such as Google, Yahoo, or Ask. has strived to deliver consistently good results on a local and international level, Gasta is often the first place that ad agencies, and web marketers turn to when they want to target and localise a product or brand anywhere in Europe, UK, and Ireland. Keyword Campaigns can be launched instantly with branded products such as InstantAds™ and SearchMatch™

In the next few months Gasta will be launching new services directed at South Africa, India, Japan and China. Also high on the agenda for launch is a new power linking tool that will enable very fast links to be created and launched simultaneously with branded adverts. This power linkage is a great advance to participation marketing as when you advertise and link to the major search engines will pick you up quicker and as any good SEO Marketer knows that is no bad thing.

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