Friday, December 14, 2007

Get ready for Gasta web 2.0

Get ready for Gasta web 2.0

Now that mobile phones are the new credit cards the Gasta Search Network has embraced web 2.0, what next the Gasta phone?

Web 2.0 is the new more flexible consumer-oriented media, which includes user-generated content (ogc) as well as iptv, RSS, blogs, games, video streaming and mobile delivery systems Web 2.0 technologies and social networking media are not just the new fad additions to enhance existing communication channels; they are necessary to communicate effectively with today's new consumer. Web 2.0 is about the consumer using technology to transfer relevant information faster, and better, in the medium of the consumer's choice, and has also increased the importance of reach for both businesses and consumers; European Search Network Gasta already has a global reach pulling and retaining users from as far away as Africa and South East Asia, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Each geographic region has its own advertising inventory allowing Gasta to sell the same keyword in various geographic regions.

Gasta with its added value branded solutions of SearchMatch and InstantAds™ now gives advertising firms and net marketing companies the ability to decide where to run their ads, with geo-targeting and contextual tagging to enhance user experience and raise conversion rates. With advances in analytics and a Search Engine Management Zone (SEM), Gasta enables advertisers and companies to test and quickly change their ads while limiting the amount they spend on campaigns, making the whole process simpler and more importantly cost effective. CPM-based ads no longer dominate the market. Intuitively, CPA-based ads are increasing; this is not surprising when one considers that companies prefer to pay for ads that have proven conversion results.

Gasta has long been aware that search and ad serving are the vehicles within Web 2.0 that link the consumer with media. In order to reach consumers, Web 2.0 advertisers and agencies will have to pursue multiple web media publishers. Publishers must deliver in VOD, gaming, mobile media channels and video.

Whatever solution advertisers and agencies choose, Web 2.0 ad serving must be able to access and aggregate analytics from other sites and sources in real time. This is the case for a new version of Instantlinks that Gasta has been testing for a number of months and is due to go live within the next few weeks.

To stay competitive, companies, advertisers, agencies and publishers will have to simultaneously leverage both verticals, by joining technology and media. Any digital publishers not considering the significance of Web 2.0 within the context of their ad serving and management will be left behind by early next year; this is why small innovative search engines like are of real significance and importance.

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