Thursday, September 22, 2005

When you get off the plane in Ireland, the first thing you see is a mass of poster adverts for the local Irish search engine, this is the search engine that most Irish net users prefer. why is that? the answer is easy! no spam, no pop ups, just clear accurate search results everytime. The main reason why has become so popular in Ireland is gasta's SearchMatch programme, SearchMatch makes net advertising easy and reaches out to the small companies and individuals that give the net its power. In the local newspapers and magazines stories abound of how popular gasta SearchMatch has become one woman cliams that after using other SEO options she tried Gasta SearchMatch and earned an 85% ROI in two days!!
My verdict is that gasta is doing the right thing, of course the Irish people will always prefer to use a local service anyway but gasta has the potential to take the lead in search in Ireland, they have been busy launching gasta education and living science both free directories, and it is in the schools and colleges were the marketing drive is most effective.

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