Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gasta WHITE LABEL Tech Update

Gasta search network: Don’t think about it, just do it!!

Getting into the hearts and minds of web searchers requires building needs and becoming indispensible. It requires clean, accurate, and relevant results. The real secret sauce of the next generation of search will contain a multitude of ingredients that serve time, need, convenience, and desire. To bring them in, you have to be more compelling. To keep them, you have to be clever, and what has done is clever. is getting ready to launch it biggest search innovation yet. Launched in 1997 the search engine network has been completely overhauled using the new Microsoft MVC platform, and this version of Gasta is the best yet with a lot of new Social Networking and Social marketing options.

You can now share search results straight to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, and a variety of other social networks. The results are faster (85% of sites are slower than Gasta). You can share Videos, News, Images, Blogs, and Adverts. Yes with new SearchMatch™ Platform you can send a link from your advertisement to a social network site, hence the role of the open networker and the key Influencer is utilized in your campaigns, simple.

As well as this Gasta now offers comparison shopping and seamless geo-ip targeting. The InstantLink directory is dropped but the keyword suggestion tool and suggested search tool is almalgamated into the SERp. This platform rewrite comes at a critical time for European Search industry as the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) has just released figures that show, Up to 70% of European advertisers intend to increase online ad spend during 2009, as budgets continue to shift as a result of the recession.

Gasta’s focus on niche, long tail keywords that match your services, and a cost effective pricing with no PPC, are exactly are what is needed bring eyeballs to your 'online window shopping experience'.

Whatever the approach to media might be, it's clear that a shift is in order. Not just a shift in creative focus or emotional triggers, but a shift in how we approach the most important aspect of the search: the people behind each need-defining query. To this end web3.0 has been worked out leveraging the DigitalDesign outlook strategies, leading into 2010.

1. Advertising networks that can effectively leverage social information will

become marginally more important.

2. Widgets, as vehicles to carry a message effectively within and across various

social media environments will become more popular.

3. Exchanges or clearing houses will arise to provide compensation in some form

(e.g., cash, rewards, points, status) for users.

4. Niche social media will become attractive places for brands to engage in SIM

because relevance can be increased.

5. Gasta: A hosted search white label solution in Action.

Gasta 3.0 will be launching at the end of this month. is an ongoing project of the Gasta search network

“Tell them and show them the great things they'll find. Great creative might actually get them there, but as history has taught us, it's hard to keep them when it's so easy to switch. Don't give them a learning curve, and for heaven's sake, please don't make them think”.

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