Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sale Of Search Engine Network

Sale Of Search Engine Network Generates Traffic

We've been getting a lot of emails looking for more information about the European Search Engine Network that I posted about the other day. To eliminate some of the questions, I am posting some more information about this 12 year old network of sites that is built upon their search technology. The more I learn about what they have, the more potential I see for someone with additional skills, capital, and other resources to tie into what they already have and expand on or into the European market.

Here is some more information:

- Monthly traffic of 3,000,000+ per month across the network.

- 3,500 current /past advertisers

- Registered as a European distribution partner for Microsoft Adwords.

- A partner with Google Doubleclick and Adsense.

- Has the ability to deploy new local search engines quickly.

- Currently targeting markets in Europe, US, and several other countries as well as several topics, such as travel.

- Owns at least 4 trademarks

- Currently has 450+ Domains launched on their servers.

· International
· US
· UK
· Ireland
· Europe
· Austria
· France
· Germany
· Italy
· Spain
· India
· China
· Japan
· South Africa
· Money
· Travel
· and several others

If you are interested or require more information please let me know and I will put you in touch with the company. I've been friends with the owner for some time now and agreed to help them find a buyer if I can.

I would have thought the current economic situation would have made it difficult to generate interest in a search network such as this, but I was clearly wrong. There are many that would like to expand their current holdings and sites like social networks, consumer shopping sites, auction sites, and sites that are based on UGC (User Generated Content) seem to be super interested in adding mature search to the current offerings. Building is always an option, but why build and re-invent the wheel when you can buy.

And I just learned today that one of my old favorite UK search engines, was sold and now has a new owner.
If you need to reach me, just Google "NielsenTech" and you should be able to contact me.

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