Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chocolate Snowmen &Questions we are often asked about Google

One of the questions we are always asked is why should I use Gasta search and not Google? Well,one reason is local content, also fairer advertising costs as we do not use the often abused Pay per Click model. With Gasta search you can get as many clicks as you like because you only pay for the alloted time you have purchased your advert slot duration. heres an example: If i buy an InstantAd for the keywords 'Chocolate snowman' for 3 months, at a cost of 30 Euros (it is christmas)

I can get an estimated 300 hits to my landing page, now multiply that by 30 because that is how many keywords you get for one InstantAd on Gasta search.
30 keywords =3 months. Now is that serving small businesses in a proper way or not? to get the same amount of traffic in one day from Google would cost a company hundreds of dollars. same with our prestige SearchMatch Ad platform

What is SearchMatch?

Gasta Keyword SearchMatch™ offers you the opportunity to purchase a keyword or keyword phrase for up to 1 year. Be seen by up to 20 million users per month on the complete Gasta Adnetwork. Best of all you can control and modify your advert during the lifetime of its campaign

When a users searches using your keyword your site will come up in the number 1 prime position.

SearchMatch™ makes it easy for you to achieve number 1 rank and you don't even have to wait as your site will be listed automatically. SearchMatch allows you to purchase a keyword or phrase with the Gasta Search Network. When a user searches for your term you will be listed as the first result. We help you reach you target audience using our geo-targeting system. You can revise your ad text and links and any time.
What is a keyword or phrase?

Keywords or keyword phrases are selected by you and should help describe your site, product or service that you are promoting. For example if you ran a jewellery shop and you choose a keyword 'diamonds', now when I enter my search term as 'diamonds' your ad will appear as a sponsored link.
How Many keywords can I purchase?

As many as you require, you will only be charged per keyword/phrase.

Contact us to buy a bulk listing at a discounted price.
Why do I want to be at the top?

When a user enters a search term that matches one of your keywords or keyword phrases your SearchMatch™ Keyword or keyword phrase is displayed. The further up the results page the more likely it is that a user will choose to click on your listing.
Where will my ads appear?

For an up-to-date partners list go here
What does it cost?
Rate Card

The other reason why people prefer Gasta search instead of Google is a thing called a 'Filter Bubble' this is like what Google uses to provide you with results it thinks you like (because it remembers what you searched for!) We don't do that, period. we believe in your right to privacy and do not in the slightest way manage or manipulate our user searches. We also do not filter your news or views,all blogs are welcome on our network. We promote web freedom and nuetrality.

We do not accept pornographic adverts, there is a warning on our advertising pages that states

Advertising Policy

Gasta Search Network does not support the promotion of or proliferation of Gambling, Adult or Gorish Content. Any Advertiser who knowingly cloaks or otherwise disguises adverts to lead to banned content will have the ads stopped will no refund.

Gasta Search Networks continuously monitors third party information sources for unwanted and undesirable content. Gasta would like to thank our supports and users for assisting us in our efforts to maintain the credibility and family values of our search network.


Solar Panels said...

This seems like a much fairer way to pay for ads. Google Adwords has been very expensive for me in the past.

If Northern Ireland ever adopt the Feed in Tariffs scheme I will be the first to ask for the keyword Solar Panels for a year.

Keep me informed and updated on my email address I provide with this comment.



Meat Grinders said...

I'm glad to hear gasta can still cater to the small business owner. Google is getting so over-ran with ads that ranking organically is harder than ever!

Croydon Removal said...

Yeah defiantly we have to pay more from Google for ads, while gasta really helpful for small business, but most of people of us are unaware from gasta,

house removals london said...

For small and medium enterprise business Gasta type websites are so helpful.