Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gasta.com is looking for Business Partners

Gasta.com is looking for Business Partners

Gasta.com is a search network that takes in and redistributes contract feeds from Ask, MSN Live, Google, and Mirago search results, Gasta.com then distributes these results and sells our own products SearchMatch™ & InstantAds™ on the front page and in the number(1) position. Gasta receives residual payments from Google, Chitika, and Mirago PPC models as well as selling our own keywords and Google adverts.

Gasta.com is looking for a partner company to help us develop an exit strategy or find an investor for the Gasta search network as a whole. The gasta.com search network currently owns over 250 search domains, translated into German, French, Chinese, and several European languages, Each search engine has an administration area for each domain that can be replicated onto new domains in minutes.

White Label Solution

Gasta can apply any search feed in any language, for any Geographical region, in minutes from our admin areas and then monetise these regions by advertising. This means Gasta can now offer geographical regions, companies, cities, and industrial sectors the opportunity to launch their own geo-targeted and white label hosted search solution.

Clients can launch their own branded search engine in a matter of hours and select from a variety of advertising and content partner solutions such as Google ad sense, Yahoo Pay per click, Youtube, Mirago, Ikojo, Yahoo mobile, Msn Live, and virtually any other content partner, The Gasta administration area is set up for express and easy inclusion of Content and is simple to use.

We here at Gasta have looked carefully at what we need to do in the future, we have developed a strategy to launch local Mobile search through the development and exploitation of widgets and web2.0 open social technology, we can then launch these channels in any geographical region using our search domains.

We here at Gasta feel that, with the right partner we achieve these aims and also provide us with the support we require to make any future exit strategy succeed. We also believe the right partner can assist us to find an acquisition or majority investor for the search network, we feel a technology company which may be looking to expand into Europe, and has an advertising and marketing sales team is our best solution. We control 100% equity of the Gasta search network.




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