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Gasta Tech Update: Hitwise North America Newsletter

Gasta Hitwise North America Newsletter - June, 2010

Feature Article
Google Share of Searches at 71 Percent for April 2010
Experian Hitwise announced that Google accounted for 71.40 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending May 1, 2010. Yahoo! Search, Bing and Ask received 14.96 percent, 9.43 percent and 2.18 percent, respectively. The remaining 78 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 2.03 percent of U.S. searches.

Longer search queries, averaging searches of five to more than eight words in length, were flat between March 2010 and April 2010. The same time period showed that shorter search queries - those averaging one to four words long - also were flat from month to month. Two-word searches comprised the majority of searches, amounting to 23.06 percent of all queries, and increased 1 percent in April 2010.

Marketing Forward
Hitwise is Marketing Forward!
There's a new energy in marketing fueled by the need to gain a more vivid and complete picture of today's multichannel consumer. As a part of Experian Marketing Services, Hitwise helps clients harness this energy to move marketing forward by leveraging consumer behavior insights to improve marketing effectiveness and empower customers to be loyal brand advocates.

We are excited to help you market forward while continuing to increase revenue and customer loyalty for your business. Learn more.

Search Terms Analysis
Fast Moving Search Terms to Travel
Hitwise Search Intelligence™ data reveals the top fast moving search terms for the Travel industry. The results are ranked by largest increase for the week ending May 15, 2010 versus the week ending April 17, 2010.
Fast Moving Search Terms for Travel Industry for the week ending 05/15/10 versus 04/17/10
Rank Search Term
1. jetblue 10 dollar flights
2. jacksonville nc hotels
3. greyhound bus station locations
4. vacation packages to las vegas
5. bolt bus
6. magic kingdom ticket prices
7. discount airfare websites
8. pet friendly vacation rentals montana
9. wild waves

Fast Movers
Yves Rocher USA -

Rank week ending - May 15, 2010 - 7
Rank week ending - May 8, 2010 - 44
Positions jumped - 37

The Yves Rocher USA website moved up 37 positions in the Lifestyle - Beauty Industry visited by U.S. Internet users (week ending May 15, 2010) to rank number 4 and number 3,339 among all websites. Of the website's total traffic, 53 percent consisted of returning visitors. The top three websites visited after the Yves Rocher USA website were My Points, and T.G.I Friday's.

The top DMA® (Designated Marketed Areas) of visitors to the Yves Rocher USA website were from New York, NY (5.76%), Los Angeles, CA (4.15%) and Boston, MA (2.62%). The majority of visitors to the website were female (78%), aged 25-34 years (26%) with a household income of $30-$60K per year (35%) for the four weeks ending 05/15/10. Other websites with a similar demographic profile to the Yves Rocher USA website were, and

Leveraging Competitive Intelligence
Understanding Competitors' Advertising Strategies by Comparing to Your Audience

By using Hitwise Demographics and Lifestyle tools, you can identify the differences between your website's audience and your competitors, industries and overall online population. For example, if you are and your competitor is, by conducting an audience 'Compare With' report you will compare the key differences between two websites. In the chart below, you can see how ING Direct's audience profile differs from E* Financial by age. The representation index is highest for the 25-34 age brackets, where attracts 14.17% more of the audience than with a share of 26% for the four weeks ending 05/15/2010. This insight is invaluable for gaining a competitive edge over your direct competitors.

For Hitwise clients who would like to discuss this product further, please contact Hitwise Customer Support. To learn more about Hitwise Demographics, view the Hitwise Demographics Product Fact Sheet.

Category Spotlight
Entertainment - Television
Any sites related to TV are listed in this category, including the official websites of TV shows, television stations, ratings guides, program TV production companies and cable information. The data below is based on All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 05/15/2010 - Ranks by 'Visits.'
Entertainment - Television - All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 05/15/10 - Ranks by 'Visits'
Rank Website
1. The Weather Channel - US
5. Hulu
6. Fox News
7. FOX Sports on MSN
8. ABC
9. Yahoo! TV

Local Competitiveness Index

of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.

Top 10 Upstream Industries
Rank Industries Upstream Clicks
1. Computers and Internet 57.83%
2. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 23.42%
3. Entertainment 17.54%
4. Portal Frontpages (Computers and Internet) 17.15%
5. News and Media 11.59%
6. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 10.87%
7. Television (Entertainment) 10.59%
8. Email Services (Computers and Internet) 5.24%
9. Sports 4.55%
10. Broadcast Media (News and Media) 4.25%

Top 10 Downstream Industries
Rank Industries Downstream Clicks
1. Computers and Internet 28.28%
2. Entertainment 25.02%
3. News and Media 17.13%
4. Television (Entertainment) 13.99%
5. Sports 11.83%
6. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 10.84%
7. Broadcast Media (News and Media) 8.44%
8. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 8.14%
9. Lifestyle 6.53%
10. Business and Finance 6.22%

Online Segmentation Snapshot
The Most Popular Real Estate Websites for Hispanic Women
Using Hitwise Lifestyle, which incorporates MOSAIC USA, a leading household segmentation system, you can identify the most popular sites in an industry that attract a specific segment. For example, the top three websites in the Business and Finance - Real Estate category that attracted the largest volume of Hispanic women in the "Nuevo Hispanic Families" segment were Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), MRMLS Central Site and Movoto, Inc for the four weeks ending 05/15/10.

The Nuevo Hispanic Families Type consists of young Hispanic family households living in working-class neighborhoods, and they are generally under 45 years old. They earn lower-middle incomes from jobs as food service workers, retail clerks and construction laborers. As a family, they are frequent shoppers who like to browse stores patronizing retailers that sell athletic attire, such as, Finish Line, Nike and Footlocker. What Nuevo Hispanic Families may lack in money, they more than make up in their passion for various media. They love to watch network and cable television, especially family-friendly fare including Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network. Lifestyle data is available on over 30,000 websites.

To learn more about Hitwise Lifestyle, contact Hitwise.
Top Business and Finance - Real Estate Websites visited by Hispanic Females for the four weeks ending 05/15/10
Rank Site Domain Gender % Mosaic USA Type %
1. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) 56.14% 5.15%
2. MRMLS Central Site 46.64% 4.96%
3. Movoto, Inc 45.28% 4.57%
4. Westfield Shopping Centres - United States 49.57% 3.79%
5. 52.05% 3.50%

Hitwise Intelligence Blogs
Canadian Searches for Loans and Credit Cards See Gains
June 2, 2010 - Heather Hopkins

Canadian internet searches for loans and credit cards showed gains year over year in the first quarter of 2010, reflecting the financial strain felt by consumers. Year over year, searches for loans increased 19.2% to the first quarter of 2010. Searches for loans showed a quarterly increase (comparing Q4 2009 and Q1 2010) of 42.5% likely a result of consumers searching for post-holiday shopping financial assistance.

This analysis was assembled for the Experian Insight Index that we recently published in the US, identifying key internet search trends against today's economic backdrop. I posted the first set of findings from the Canadian market a couple of weeks ago.

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