Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gasta Tech Update : Tips to Ramp up The Profits from Your Blog

Tips to Ramp up The Profits from Your Blog

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If you are in a home based business, direct sales or network marketing business and you don’t have a blog you are missing a critical component of your online business. There is no end to the benefits of having a blog. You can have one for free if you already have a site hosted somewhere that has C-panel, which stands for control panel. All you have to do is click on Fantastico and then Wordpress and start building.

I won’t go into setting one up because that would be a whole different article but I will say it is easier than you think and if you have one at a free blog site you should really consider getting a self hosted blog like the one you can get through Wordpress because then you can play by your own rules.

If you go to Blogger.com, or any other free blogging site, you have to play by their rules and you could put a lot of work into one and lose it because of outside influences. Your work is a lot safer when you only have to play by your own rules.

These are some good tips if you want your blog to make you money but it’s your blog so play by your own rules but just to let you know, this is some very valuable and up to date information that is cutting edge and not hard to implement right away.

1. Your blog’s header is the most valuable space on your whole site. You should use a template that lets you replace the header or use a designer for a custom header.

2. Put an opt-in form on your home page. If you don’t have a form to capture contact info on your home page you might as well delete it because you are getting SMOKED by your competition. You need an auto-responder service so you can send out messages to your list of subscribers and these services all have a way to generate an opt-in form.

3. Using other pages on your blog is nice but you should always post every article on your home page. If you hide them on other pages you are losing the value of content on your home page.

4. Every article or post whether it is text, audio or video needs to have a call to action at the bottom that explicitly tells the reader what to do, where to click and what they will get or see. Tell them exactly what to do or it won’t work.

5. Your blog needs to be personalized so it will help show the type of person you are. It also helps to have pictures and videos and posts that bring out personality.

6. You can get more leads if you have more contact information on your site and require less information on your forms.

7. Having links to affiliate programs or products is great but it would also help if you had a review of those products posted on your blog.

8. You want to make getting around your blog site so easy a caveman can do it. It needs to be simple to find the content.

9. If you have a seal from a trusted site like Better Networker you need to put it at the top of the page and boost your credibility with testimonials and videos.

Anyone using social media in their online business needs a HUB to drive traffic to that they have total control over. This is like your own house and you invite others from all your sites to visit for a feast. You want to give them great content and valuable resources to feed on so they continue to return.

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