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HitWise North America Newsletter - April, 2010
Search Terms Analysis
Hitwise Search Intelligence™ data reveals the top websites from the complete list of websites that received traffic from the search term 'volcano'. The results are ordered based on the volume of traffic for the week ending April 17, 2010.
Most popular websites that received traffic from ‘volcano' for the week ending 04/17/10
Rank Website Domain Share
1. Wikipedia 9.20%
2. USA Today 6.98%
3. YouTube 6.44%
4. BBC News 5.64%
5. The New York Times 3.84%
6. Yahoo! News 3.26%
7. msn 3.20%
8. 3.12%

Fast Movers -
Rank week ending - April 17, 2010 - 1,560
Rank week ending - April 10, 2010 - 27,128
Positions jumped - 25,568

The website moved up 25,568 positions among all websites visited by U.S. Internet users (week ending April 17, 2010) to rank number 1,560 overall and number 9 in the Accountancy industry. Of the website's total traffic, 95.5 percent consisted of new visitors. The top three websites visited after the website were Internal Revenue Service , Google and TurboTax .

The top DMA® (Designated Marketed Areas) of visitors to the website were from Dallas - Ft.Worth, TX (4.34%), New York, NY (3.84%) and Los Angeles, CA (3.38%). The majority of visitors to the website were female (62%), aged 55+ years (29%) with a household income of $30-$60K per year (36%) for the four weeks ending 04/17/10. Other websites with a similar demographic profile to the website were My Life, Intelius and Home McAfee .

Leveraging Competitive Intelligence
Closing the Gap - Understanding Competitors' Search Marketing Strategies with Gap Analysis
By using Hitwise Search Intelligence™ 'Compare With' Reports, you can identify the search terms that are missing from your search campaigns and working for your competitors. For example, if you are and one of your competitors is, by conducting a search terms 'Compare With' report you will discover keywords that are currently driving more traffic to than Orbitz. In the chart below, you can see the top search terms, not including the Priceline brand, that drive more traffic to than are ',' 'cheap hotels,' 'hotels,' 'hotel' and 'enterprise car rental' for the four weeks ending 04/17/10. This insight is invaluable for gaining a competitive edge over your direct competitors.

For Hitwise clients who would like to discuss this product further, please contact Hitwise Customer Support, or visit the Hitwise University and download the Hitwise Search Intelligence™ Product Fact Sheet

To learn more about Hitwise data and Search Terms Gap Analysis, view the Hitwise Search Intelligence™ Product Fact Sheet.
Search Terms driving traffic to - 4 weeks ending 04/17/10, compared with Search Terms driving traffic to Orbitz
Rank Search Terms Clicks Clicks Orbitz Difference
1. priceline 23.76% <0.046% 23.76%
2. hotels 2.67% <0.046% 2.67%
3. 1.18% 0.05% 1.13%
4. cheap hotels 1.01% 0.34% 0.67%
5. price line 0.56% <0.046% 0.56%
6. hotels 0.46% 0.18% 0.27%
7. hotel 0.20% <0.046% 0.20%
8. enterprise car rental 0.16% <0.046% 0.16%
9. budget car rental 0.15% <0.046% 0.15%
10. 0.15% <0.046% 0.15%

Category Spotlight
Travel - Agencies
This category contains websites that provide third-party bookings for travel services, such as package holidays, flights, and tours. The category also includes the websites of offline travel agencies and tour operators, as well as publishers of travel deals and travel price comparison sites. It does not include sites which focus exclusively on accommodation bookings. The data below is based on All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 04/17/2010 - Ranks by 'Visits.'
Travel - Agencies - All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 04/17/10 - Ranks by 'Visits'
Rank Website
1. Expedia
3. Travelocity
4. Orbitz
5. Yahoo! Travel
6. Hotwire
7. bookingbuddy
9. Bing Travel

Local Competitiveness Index

of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.

Top 10 Upstream Industries
Rank Industries Upstream Clicks
1. Computers and Internet 42.30%
2. Travel 40.98%
3. Agencies (Travel) 26.67%
4. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 23.78%
5. Email Services (Computers and Internet) 6.88%
6. Destinations and Accommodation (Travel) 6.80%
7. Transport (Travel) 6.49%
8. Portal Frontpages (Computers and Internet) 6.49%
9. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 4.44%
10. Aviation 3.56%

Top 10 Downstream Industries
Rank Industries Downstream Clicks
1. Travel 60.58%
2. Agencies (Travel) 39.43%
3. Computers and Internet 16.13%
4. Transport (Travel) 9.76%
5. Destinations and Accommodation (Travel) 8.44%
6. Aviation 6.89%
7. Commercial Airlines (Aviation) 6.79%
8. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 6.07%
9. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 4.57%
10. Business and Finance 3.90%

The economic downturn in the US had a strong impact upon consumers and resulted in a decline in discretionary spending for nearly two years. However in March, retailers started to report increased sales, signaling that consumer confidence may be increasing and shoppers are willing to start making purchases again. One sector that was among the hardest hit during the downturn was the luxury space, but recently retailers like Nordstrom, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman are also reporting higher year-over-year sales.

Online traffic patterns are reflecting the same behavior, visits to a custom category of Designer & Luxury Retailers increased 28% for the week ending April 10, 2010 as compared to the same week in 2009. In comparison, one year ago, visits declined 18% for the week ending April 11, 2009 from the previous year. This trend emerged during the holiday season, where the market share of visits to Designer & Luxury Retailers started to reach the same levels of traffic as the 2007 season.

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