Monday, November 30, 2009

Gasta White Label search solution

Leveraging Your Most Valued
Resource: Information

How does your organization make decisions today? Whether you are deciding ways to expedite your supply chain, improve customer service or select the right product strategy, information sits at the core of that decision. Before anyone in your organization makes a decision they turn to both internal and external information to justify their decision criteria. But what happens when they can’t access the information they need to make that decision? Gasta search engines can make it happen for your company brand,

Brian Babineau, Senior Consulting Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group shares his insights about transforming your information into an asset in his paper, "Expanding Information Access Initiatives with Embedded Enterprise Search." He writes:

With data growth and proliferation unending, organizations have two choices: maintain the status quo and hope employees can find relevant data when they need to or learn from what the Internet has taught us and leverage search technology to connect knowledge workers with information. It appears that many organizations (in both the public and private sectors) are opting for the latter as nearly one-third of organizations surveyed by ESG said they are going to maintain or increase their spending on enterprise search over the next twelve months.
When comparing enterprise search with Internet search, there is a veritable litany of differences including: security models, ability to support multiple content types, and refined relevancy weightings. Within the report, Brian explains how many organizations are not only developing their own information access strategies but are also demanding improved data retrieval from their independent software vendors (ISVs).

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