Monday, June 15, 2009

Gasta white label search engines

I like the (No Magic Potion For Ailing Newspapers, But A Cocktail Of Remedies Might Help) by David Kaplan despite its long title the article has some of the right indredients that when mixed together can surely earn Newspapers some revenue from online readers.

I also agree with the comments Andy Steuer about
search marketing, with our recently white label services on we supply the news portals and the
main site with a white label search engine they can brand as their own, they can also sell the advertising. Our Gasta white label solution is already in use by BelfastMedia group the owners of several local newspapers in Ireland.

It seems that newspaper companies would also benefit by offering a Search Marketing based advertising solution to their advertisers, and tap into a huge market share of where the advertisers are spending their money.

According to eMarketer, Search accounts for 45% of all online advertising dollars.

Here are some FAQs about the Gasta white label search engine service.

How will our branded site receive traffic?

a) Case 1 - A new domain with no existing traffic or index on Google

As a Gasta Partner you will be connected with 200 active sites on the Gasta Network that have over 110,000 indexed pages in Google
Our network will cross promote you internally across all our sites (
Gasta serves between 250k to 500k searches a day <-- We will push you domain

You domain will be picked up and indexed on Google within 24-72 hours of launching

·Case example <- when initially launched it was index with over 12,000 pages on Google with 6 week
b) Case 2 - Existing domain
·You can bring in an existing domain As previous applies.
Will we need to SEO the site our selves

No, our sites are completely SEO optimised using our platform. The only thing we start out doing is creating a dictionary of keywords that describe your site (see - HomePage) - this leverages and helps search engines both understand and create an index for you site.

· Our system takes care of the rest - for example Google SiteMaps, Meta Titles etc.
We can provide you with a complete admin interface that allows you to tweak and add keywords and SEO mark-up or we can care-take this for you.

Who will host it?
We can will host it - however we can offer to install the site on your own server if you wish.
Can we customize the links on the home page
a) Standard implementation (eg. or

· Yes, the home page is completely customisable.

· The standard layout will allow you to change the keywords (tabbed directory) and ALL text on the home page.
This is controlled from your admin area, or care-taken by our support team.
b) Custom implementation
We can 100% create a customised homepage for you - alternative designs or new features as you request.
Will there be adsense ads in our result page
You can turn ads on and off via the control panel

If you wish to have adsense (or any other simliar third party ads) you can control them from you control panel.
Your ads, your revenue, your option.
Note: On Ads
The Gasta White Label has it's own version of adsense built in. We call these 'InstantAds' and 'SearchMatch'.
You can control the number of ads you wish to display in each unit via the admin.

Both ad types can cross pollinate with each other.

The Ad scope (this is how the system decides what ads to be displayed) can be set to 'exact' or 'universal'
'exact' is a direct keyword or contextual match 'universal' - display an exact match first (if available) and always display 'ad stock' regardless.
In addition
You can sell you ad space if desired directly.
You can create your own network of related sites.
You can export you ads to existing sites (similar to Google Adsense)
We can sell ad space for you.
Turn the feature off.
We would suggest that the ads system be filled with a library of your corporate and associated network services and set to universally be displayed.
How much?
Our standard pricing policy is as follows:-
We retain control of all Ads and Revenue including Google, SearchMatch, InstantAds and other third party campaigns
Only the logo and keywords can be customised
Branding and Copyright remains as part of the Gasta Network

· Initial set-up cost

· Hosting per year per domain


As part of the Gasta Search Network all advertising revenue sold to third parties via your domain is split evenly on SearchMatch & InstantAds.

All third party advert revenue (eg. Google Adsense, Trade Doubler etc.) on your site is 100% is retained by your company.
You will receive a 50% discount on all adverts you place across the entire Gasta Network.
Ad revenue sharing is completely optional. You may turn the ad system off.
Initial set-up cost
Hosting per year per domain.


· 100% Control of Ad system and 100% retained Advertising revenue

· 100% Branding as Your Company

Create your own Exclusive Ad Network and Ad Content.
Updating and hosting included.
In addition we can provide you with a completely bespoke design. We can offer to redesign the home page or results page to suit your company needs.

So newspapers there is hope in search marketing on a very rapid scale.

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