Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Europasearch headed for big things

With Interest building from several leading European VC companies not least Ariadne Capital (The Global Investment & Advisory Firm), and Chinese search giant Baidu ,not to mention global portal Alibaba, to name just a few. It seems like everyone is keeping one eye on web 2.0 viral search and share engine Europasearch.

Europasearch is a blended search network that can replicate itself in seconds and deliver search results and more to point advertising revenues in any region or territory. Europasearch believes it ethos of working from the ground up with local clients is starting to see benefits as communities, industry sectors and sovereign states see the value of retaining search revenues for themselves. This is no young upstart in the form of the Gasta search network Europasearch has been around almost a long as internet time itself, morphing from portal to metasearch to full blown search engine has been a long and often excruciating experience for the founder Francis Higgins. The Belfast native has long been aware of the importance of search to 'deliver the shop window to the client'but it seems its The latest innovation from Gasta to Europasearch that has grabbed VCs interest, As lead developer Stuart Manning (A graduate of QUB) say "the point of fact is that people want to share things, they want to do it as simply and effeciently as possible, On you can share news items from a variety of news sources, you can share videos, you can share web results, you can share images, and best of all you can share advertising. When a client purchases a contextual SearchMatch ad on that Ad can be pushed out onto Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Digg", sure, nothing really new there for all those content exploiters! but its the simplicity and ease of use that is appealing. Europasearch is a web 2.0 search engine in action; giving the Twitter generation what it wants, what it demands! can we share it? YES we can!

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