Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gasta Mobile News:Buongiorno

Buongiorno uses viral to push mobile social network

A viral ad campaign supporting digital entertainment company Buongiorno's mobile social network has been viewed over 400,000 times.
The 411,101 views in the first three weeks of the campaign resulted in 3,135 visits to the Real Time Real People website, which contains more information about the mobile-specific social network.
According to the company, around 12% of unique viewers requested an invitation code to Blinko with over 27% subscribing.
Blinko is a pan-European attempt from Buongiorno to enter mobile social networking following success from established online players including Bebo, Facebook and MySpace.
The viral campaign was designed and created by DLV Proximity to generate interest in the new product. Buongiorno has allocated a total marketing budget of €500,000 (£426,000) to promote Blinko.

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