Monday, July 21, 2008

VFI Overseas Property Tunisia

As you are aware VFI Overseas Property has now launched Tunisia, an exciting new emerging market to rival the likes of Dubai and other investment driven overseas markets

VFI Overseas Property has spent the last number of months identifying new markets for existing and future client base. We have identified Tunisia for a number of reasons.

· Unrivalled Capital growth

· Cosmopolitan society – French, English, Russian, Italians, Spanish

· Low entry level for investors

· Properties from as little as €24,999

· Frontline Beach Developments

· Low price per sq meter

· High Rental Yields

· Many golf courses – 18 hole/35 hole

· Outstanding quality of build

· International Cuisine

· 2/3 hrs flight time from Europe & Russia

· Building Bonds in place

· Tourism increased by 45% in 2006

· 6 international airports and more being built

· Billons of euro being invested by government and private institutions.

· Demographic society

· Mediterranean climate

· At present demand is out stripping supply in the property market.

In Tunisia people are still waking up to warm, sunny mornings. The lifestyle is calm, peaceful and most importantly, affordable! The cost of living is low. Utility bills are low. The prices of food and petrol are low. All this means "more of your money" and "more for your money!" More money to spend on the pleasurable things in life, such as eating out under the starry skies or sipping a mint tea at a pavement cafe and watching the world go by.

Some typical examples of the price of food in Tunisia could include a cup of tea or coffee at a cafe ranging from 20p to 50p, a kilogram of tomatoes 30p, a kilogram of pears 50p, a French Stick 10p, a liter of milk 25p or a kilogram of beef or lamb £3-£4. Supermarkets are stocked with every day needs, but the local market is the place to be to pick up items of amazing value.

Living in Tunisia, will bring you that healthy lifestyle. Fresh, fruit and vegetables in abundance and fish straight from the sea and onto your plate in minutes! There are also more than enough hot, sunny days to fit in all of the outdoor sporting activities that you can muster! As with most Mediterranean countries, the crime rate is low. You can enjoy your evenings out, bringing along the children as they are always welcome, without any rowdy behavior to spoil your fun. Old fashioned values still reign supreme and parents, teachers and the elderly are treated with the utmost respect. You will rarely find language difficulties. The main spoken languages are Tunisian Arabic and French, but since English was introduced to the National Curriculum for all school children aged 10 and upwards, it is fast gaining importance amongst the Tunisian nation.

Development – Le Voilier Resort

Le Voilier Resort is a modern beach front/marina style development with a mixture of 1 bed 1 bath, 2bed 2 bath, & 3 bed 3 baths apartments all built to a superior specification.

Designed by one of the most important and cutting edge architectural firms in this area VFI OVERSEAS PROPERTY is happy to be able to offer not only a fantastic investment but an investment which you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Apartments from as little as €24,999