Friday, April 25, 2008

Secure your brand Keyword on Gasta search networks

Gasta will this month launch its white label search solution on up to 150 new search domains on a UK/Ireland concentration looking to companies like The Search Works, Latitude and Bigmouthmedia. All companie on the fast development track. As rolls out its white label solution across more and more platforms, making the networks stronger and more robust, we can see the shift as advertisers move to more niche geo targeted search networks.

Google's decision to allow brand name bidding from 5 May 2008 has seen a huge increase in inquiries by companies wishing to secure their brand names on the Gasta search network.Companies like Gucci, Adidas, Nike, etc.. look for the niche specialists search marketing companies like Gasta , this once again shows not just the number of agencies out there that provide search offerings but the indelible need to secure your brand online, and gasta is relentless at doing this on a global platform, and at a cost that companies can afford.