Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gasta Big Snap Campaign News

Microsoft will launch a six-figure competition-based marketing campaign for Live Search next week as it attempts to boost the search engine’s user numbers.

The ‘Big Snap’ campaign is a partnership with Virgin that offers prizes including Virgin Atlantic flights whenever people use Live Search.

Based on the card game Snap, search results will also display cards that, when turned over and matched with another, win a prize.

The campaign’s digital agency, Thin Martian, has also developed bigsnapsearch.com to support the promotion.

Paul Davies, MSN and Windows Live marketing director, said, “Searching is the second-most popular online activity after email and this campaign is designed to enliven people’s everyday search experiences. We wanted to create a compelling mechanic that would motivate and excite users while driving traffic and increasing query volume on Live Search.”

Live Search has 3.5% of the global search share, according to COM Score, behind Yahoo! (13.1%) and Google (66%).