Friday, January 11, 2008

What is Gasta SearchMatch™

Gasta Keyword SearchMatch™ offers you the opportunity to exclusively purchase a keyword or keyword phrase for up to 1 year. Be seen by millions ofweb users per month. Best of all you can control and modify your advert during the lifetime of its campaign in the Gasta SEM Zone.

Every time someone searches using your keyword your site will come up in the number 1 prime position.

You can even add an image to your listing.

SearchMatch™ makes it easy for you to achieve number 1 rank and you don't even have to wait as your site will be listed automatically. SearchMatch allows you to purchase a keyword or phrase with the Gasta Search Network. When a user searches for your term you will be listed as the first result.

We help you reach you target audience using our geo-targeting system.

You can revise your ad text and links and any time.

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