Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gasta attends NI digital Content Strategy were today invited to join the launch of Northern Ireland's Digital Content Strategy, and it would not be giving the game away to say that it is a splendid tailored solution, not much discussion about search, and no show from Nigel Dodds (OBE, MP, MLA) but Gasta attendees did meet up with some old college buddies and had a bit of 'craic'

Anyway, the strategy document sub headed 'Building the Foundations' is really good, it starts from the basis that companies are working in 'splendid isolation' and "proposes a focused agenda and a framework for Collaboration" Market share and the role of Government are handled well, with the emphasis on the role of lead organisations in a European perspective to 'Internationalise the potential' ( Is this were gasta comes in? after all is an international search engine, but you know what they say about prophets!) However, lets get back on track the aim is " A vibrant and successful digital content industry that is entrepreneurial, innovative, and globally focused, encouraging collaboration and attracting inward investment" by 2011, woa! hang on that's 3 years! when some of us 'old hands' were contemplating a starting a search engine to rival Yahoo back in 1996 we did not wait 3 years, Gasta was launched in its primitive form in 1997 the same year as google.(cry now) Gasta has never received any government assistance but has made use of the excellent PWC Intellectual property and business planning course and has heard all this before in the D.R.E.A.M project in 2001 (Can't even remember what that acronym is for now, goes something like Digital Reality Entertainment And Management). Basically the strategy document is sound , a lot of hard work and research has went into it with loads of stats and the favoured euroterm 'benchmarking' and comparison, hopefully with the proper support and management of Invest NI and the other lead groups some sort of dynamic infrastructure will emerge, disappointed at the no show from Universities and UTV, maybe they will be at the launch on Friday 1st Febuary at the Whitefort Inn.
you heard it here first. uh how many times did we mention Gasta?

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